First time appointments are coordinated by our intake staff so that they can obtain the necessary information needed by our physicians. We will make every attempt to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Please arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment so that we have adequate time to process your paperwork before you see your provider.

What to expect:

Our intake staff will verify your insurance information, and obtain information regarding your medical history and diagnostic studies.  It is your responsibility to obtain all prior diagnostic imaging on CD and bring to the appointment with you.  If you are being seen at our alternate office, you will need to arrive one hour prior to your appointment; our staff will advise you of the location of your appointment when you schedule.

What to bring:

Current copy of your health insurance card If your insurance requires a referral or authorization, you must have this at the time of your appointment. We request that your co-pay and/or deductible be paid upon check-in. We do accept Visa® and MasterCard®. Medical records, images, X-rays If you have previous medical records and/or diagnostic studies that pertain to your appointment with us, it is important that you have this available at the time of your visit. Please make arrangements in advance to pick up and hand-carry this information so that it will be here for your physician to review. Please obtain imaging studies on CD. ID Federal Law requires that you present photo identification at the time of your first visit. Clothing Please bring or wear the appropriate clothing for your exam, such as shorts for knee exams, or sleeveless tops for shoulder exams. New Patient Forms Please complete your paperwork in black ink prior to arrival for your appointment. You may print this at home.

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